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This site is dedicated to the goal of creating Constitutional Counties all across America. We are no longer going to tolerate state or federal governments abusing citizens, and we fully recognize we’ve been foolishly attempting to fix our problems by electing officials in Washington. A constitution only means something if we are willing to fight for it, and it is high time we consider the ramifications if we continue to do nothing.

Our goal on this site is to provide a blueprint that citizens in EVERY county across America can use to save our Republic. Along the way, there will be lots to learn and share, and we hope this site can provide as much insight as possible. Please join us for the most epic take-back operation ever seen on planet earth. If you live outside of the United States, use the processes locally wherever you live to stop the madness in your area as well.

Follow along and learn how to make your county a Constitutional County and how you and your friends can fight back against the Tyranny that is taking over our country. As American Citizens, we must fight now or accept our newfound slavehood.

If you think we’re alone in these thoughts, here are two brave counties that have already made declarations. While we feel strongly that they don’t go near far enough, it is at least a first step. Two Nevada Counties Declared Constitutional Counties

This is a letter written by someone from Australia that everyone needs to read simply because it says exactly what we all feel. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW AND STOP SITTING AND COMPLAINING!!! Here is the letter.