What We Know

Before we get started discussing what is needing to be done, we need to address the elephant in the room. We have to all, whether you’re black, white, democrat or republican, admit that we’ve been duped about pretty much everything. Lets consider for a moment, no matter your race or political affiliation, that our government has been conspiring with the banks and super wealthy to control us all and have been for all of our lives.

Our politicians learned a long time ago, along with the bankers and elites, that pitting groups of people against each other provides a means for them to take control.  No small group of people could ever hope to maintain any level of control over the masses if the masses were all together.  You can watch this play out every single day by watching the controlling party in office at the time.  They pretend to fight each other in our names but every single thing they do always progresses the power in their favor and never in ours.

Whether you are republican or democrat, your party has been lying to you. They’ve been acting as though they are fighting to protect you all the while taking away your power to be free. Convincing you that some other group of people or race of people are attacking your ability to survive and that you need them to fix the unjust situation.  The problem is, there never was an unjust situation and if there were, the politicians are the ones that created it.  

We all have to wake up to the deceit and take back what is absolutely ours. We also need to fix the problems that do exist within our political structure that have allowed these bankers and elites to take our country from us in the first place.  You will find the blueprints to fixing most of our problems within the pages of this website.  Please read the goals section of the site for the main set of plans and believe there are those of us already executing them in our counties.  GET STARTED TODAY IN YOURS!

What we know