The Goals

This will prove to be a rather long page, but we’ve decided to put the entire plan here instead of forcing you to click through multiple pages to learn what we’re planning. We’ll maintain this page and update it as we learn more about what works and what does not. We will also be posting to the “Latest News” section here to get into more of the day-to-day happenings, so keep an eye out there for more blow-by-blow comments and ideas.

A Little History:

Before we begin to lay out our goals, it is crucial to understand the current state of affairs and a few essential things you need to understand fully.

1) If you were born in any of the several States of the Union, you are NOT a United States citizen. You are a State Citizen/National, and none of the codes and statutes apply to you.

2) You can no longer listen to public servants talking without asking for specific definitions and sources. They use a coded language that we all believe we understand but don’t. Their use of a different dictionary and giving words unique meanings within the codes themselves are the source of our ignorance. Did you know that the definition of the United States is the District of Columbia?

3) Very few of the public servants know anything about the material taught on this site. This means, when interacting with them, don’t be belligerent. They don’t know what they’re doing, and trying to educate them is pointless. Be respectful and let them do what they think they need to do. Our recourse is found on the back end of the situation, and we’ll explain that as we go.

4) We need to spend 10 minutes a day reading our Constitution and understanding what it says. This single document formed our country and limited our government’s activities. It is our complete lack of knowledge and understanding that has allowed them to play games with words to confuse and trick us. Only we can fix this problem and the only way to do that is by studying.

As citizens of the United States, you are protected by the 14th Amendment only. Even that has limits, though, because the Federal government has the right to do anything it wants concerning its territories. The Constitution has no bearing there. However, they can’t just step into a State of the Union and dictate what they can and can’t do. One thing that allowed them to do just that, though, is contracts. The Constitution is clear that contracts trump everything. If you sign a contract, you can not later claim Constitutional privileges to get out of it. So they worded their statutes and codes to bypass the Constitution and then tricked all of us into believing we were something that allowed them to contract with us. Then your State protections disappear, and you’re simply under their complete control.

The rest of this page will cover specific things that we feel should be done at some point to protect future generations. As incredible as our Constitution is, it simply isn’t enough. For example, it gives us the right to redress of grievances, but it doesn’t lay out a process by which the government is forced to acknowledge our concerns. They ignore us, and we have no recourse. It also has no limits to age or time to serve. These things all need to be addressed.

Step 1: Mayor, City Council, and Police – The Formation of Constitutional Councils

We need to develop a process by which a 12-person jury can be called to judge a public servant’s unconstitutional behavior. One solution might be that after a 3rd decision against the defendant, they are removed from office. A process by which a citizen can file a complaint, and that complaint is reviewed by a preliminary council to decide if it has enough merit to bring it before a final council. Each council is called into session similarly to a trial by jury and should operate similarly to a grand jury. Every citizen will be educated about its operations and procedures to serve. The only permanent position will be that of a clerk, which will serve to call into session and handle communication for the councils.

All public servants should be required to know the relevant portions of the Constitution and Common Law to prevent them from making mistakes against citizens. They should clearly understand their role and what powers they possess. They are placed into positions to serve the community, not to control it.

County Council’s

Step 2: Communication

We must set up a localized secure platform for communicating within the county. This system must be open to freedom of speech, and only county residents can participate. We have set up a Telegram group to get started, but we feel the final solution should be a forum system that allows for topic-based and historically saved conversations. Participants can only join in their real names to prevent people from hijacking conversations.

Link to Telegram Group (For having conversations)

Link to Telegram Channel (For getting updates on movement)

Step 3: Banking

The Federal Reserve Banks should be sidestepped, and Bitcoin should be pushed openly to all local businesses as a secondary payment method. We can get into more detail about why this needs to be done, but the primary reason is that we do not have money in our country and instead use debt to pay for things. We need Constitutional Amendments passed to prevent any future usery system from existing in this country. ie: charging interest is illegal. Gold and Silver are the only legal forms of money in this country, and Bitcoin is a perfect digital gold for online transactions. Here are a few facts on Bitcoin you might want to review.

Introduction To The Plan

What is Bitcoin? and stacking Sats

What is a Bitcoin wallet and how do you use it?

The final step to getting off the banking system

There is still much work to be done here, but we’re closer than you might think to taking back our money and getting the elite out of our business.

Step 4: Breaking the trend and conversing with our enemy

We’ve all been brainwashed into believing people in the opposite party or part of a different race are our enemy. That they are too dumb to have a conversation with and that their beliefs are spooky and scary. But where do we get these ideas from exactly? We all know and probably talk to “The Other Side” quite a bit and we’ve probably never actually met these people the media and politicians like to point at. So why do we believe they exist? Why do we walk into a store and look at each other strangely? Why do we not talk to each other about real subjects?

It is actually very simple: We’ve all been fooled. The Republican party is just as corrupt and unjust as the Democrat party and visa versa. They’ve never been there to help any of us and have absolutely NEVER done anything to make our country stronger. They’ve given away our jobs, shut down manufacturing and positioned us all to fail in life. If we are going to succeed in life we must first destroy both parties and form a single “American” party that is there to do what we WANT them to do instead of what they make up for themselves to do. This document is going to show how we can do this and how we can do it in a way to insure future generations don’t go down the same path we did. Watch this video for more information on this subject.

Having Conversations

Step 5: The Militia

The police department will be required to form and train a citizen militia that will support the police where needed. This will provide further protection for county members as well as prevent the need in most circumstances for outside assistance. Each member of the militia will be required to pass Constitutional classes and the police chief will have the ability to remove members that he/she feels are irresponsible or unsafe. Calling the militia into service will be at the sole discretion of the council which will be formed in a normal random fashion when needed for such circumstances. It may also be required to loan a militia to a neighboring county when the need arises but any militia member can elect to not participate at any time.

We should eventually standardize on a training program across the nation so that if we are ever invaded we have a common communication network as well as the ability to participate with each other when the need arises. We need a nationwide communication network that is setup between HAM operators and Internet. Both should consider interruptions in service and have fall backs in place.

Our country should focus on having highly trained fighting groups to discourage any other country from considering invading our lands and we should withdraw from the rest of the worlds conflicts. We should put everyone on notice that we’re taking a passive viewpoint to the worlds problems but messing with us will only result in their demise.

A Constitutional County Militia

Step 6: The New Education System

We have an entire plan to tackle the issue of education and will only touch on a few of the elements in this document. It is our opinion that the entire education system should be torn down and destroyed with absolutely nothing left of it going forward. A summary of what will be left is as follows: Grades K-3rd will remain as is and will have the sole task of educating kids to read, write and perform basic mathematical skills. Additional introductions to sciences, biology and such should be entertained but are left up to the teachers to deal with.

4 – 12 will be entirely new environments where upon kids will be taught skills in a number of different areas. Some examples will be Farming, Electrical, Woodworking, Automotive, Aviation, Food and more. Kids will be able to choose the things that interest them and will be required to move through at least 2 different skill sets per day. Reading, writing and math skills will be performed each day either through specific tasks or in the act of doing the training necessary to learn a skill.

Again, we are not attempting to cover the education system changes in this document and will introduce a more complete depiction of those elements in a separate site which you can access here:

We need to place every kid into a home school program and start building facilities closer to homes that provide kids with the tools they need to succeed. These schools should be run more like trade schools and the operations and procedures of these schools will be covered in another document. The important part however, is that the schools need to be self sufficient and not depend on outside financing to succeed. The community should work together to make sure these schools are successful.

Kids in the education system will be required to study the Constitution and perform duties on the different councils created in this document.

An Old/New Way To Educate

Step 7: The Poor

Every county is forced with dealing with the poor people and how to insure they do not fall between the cracks. The problem with our current system however, is that we are having money stolen from our paychecks in the name of social justice and then allowing the government to pay these people for doing nothing. To make matters even worse we allow these same people to have equal votes to those producing everything which removes their ability to have a say at all. In a constitutional county, everyone needs to participate in order to make sure we succeed. This means tasks need to be found for everyone. This will require participation with everyone and finding things they enjoy doing. Education will be required for a good number of them and we need to determine the best way to go about this. One of the goals of this project is to remove every single man, woman and child from the grips of the State and Federal government programs and anything less than that is a failure.

By making ourselves responsible for finding solutions instead of pushing the responsibility off to government officials, we hope that the community itself can find ways to lift people up as everyone will benefit from this.

Step 8: The Criminal

Prisoners should be required to learn skills in something they find interesting. While in prison they should be allowed to earn wages that can be used to help them get on their feet once released. Products and services rendered while in jail will be split between the prisoner and the jail in order to cover some of the expenses the citizens of the county spend. Prisons should only be operated by the county in which they exist and they should be paid for by taxes and work performed by the inmates themselves. It should be the intent to train everyone to perform a function to assist the overall community and not let people rot in slums just because they were born there.

Step 9: Taxation

Before much can be determined about taxation, we are going to need an estimated requirement to operate the county at its current level. The goal is to reduce the size of the county government and allow people to live more freely. Property taxes paid year after year provide the government an easy means of taking citizens’ property for themselves and should be eliminated. Property is the most sacred thing a free man has, and the government should NEVER be allowed to take it, except in extreme cases.

Sales tax should be the only form of tax, and the citizens should openly know the cost of operating each department of the government in order to determine if there is a better way to deal with certain services. There are a lot of avenues in this area that should be pursued in order to cut down on the taxation of the citizens but still be able to provide needed services.

Income Tax should be declared illegal and unconstitutional, and therefore no citizen in the county will be required to pay it, nor will their property, employment, or bank account be illegally levied by the IRS. If the IRS sends people to the county for the purpose of harassing the citizens of the county, they will be arrested for violation of the constitution and given their day in court.

Because the banking system is completely illegal in its current form and controlled by those destroying our country, moving to Bitcoin will provide the county with a method to sidestep the banking system and therefore remove the threat posed by the IRS, State and Federal governments. The county must embrace these alternate methods of payment if we are to succeed in taking back our country.

Step 10: Voting

Most of us have been told that to fix something, we have to vote. We form up on two sides, Democrats and Republicans, to fight it out and make attempts to solve problems. However, we’ve all been duped enough, and it is high time we acknowledge this fact and figure a way past it. No matter your party, you will find it impossible to list even a single item your party has done to help you and your family. They both continue to add rules and take away our rights at every turn, all in the name of helping us, but somehow to accomplish the opposite.

We’ve been tricked into fighting battles they’ve made up for us. Racism, Equal Rights, Voting, you name it, and they’ve tricked us with it. Keep us fighting each other on at least two fronts, and we’ll beg them to pass a law to fix a problem they made up. It was quite brilliant on their part, but it is high time we all wake up to the game and create rules that prevent these actions in the future.

Another issue with how we vote in this country is that it costs way too much money and takes a ton of resources even to attempt to run for any particular office. In the end, only the rich and connected are able to set the rules for the rest of us to follow.

We feel a better way around is to stop voting for political offices. We start taking Constitutional classes that promote us to higher and higher positions that put our names in a randomly selected hat. Each person drawn from the hat takes a seat for a specified period, which is a single term. Compensation will be provided for serving, but it will be required to maintain current employment as the job will only require monthly service to perform for most positions.

Citizens will then create and vote for the items they wish for the officials to take up and hopefully solve. This removes wasted time spent trying to raise money and prepare for future elections and keeps people focused on what needs to be done. It also allows citizens control over the discussion but not the outcome.

The final point here is that politicians, as a whole, lie and don’t end up doing what they proclaim during an election. There really is no point in continuing the insane march toward the destruction of our country with these types of people in charge.

Step 11: Electrical Grid

One of the things coming very soon will be the complete collapse of the electrical grid. This will be blamed on hackers, terrorists, or the collapse of our economy and dollar. The first way to start protecting ourselves is to convert to Bitcoin and get off the dollar. However, bitcoin only functions if the electricity and the Internet are operational. We need to form a research group to determine what can be done to maintain these connections in the event the government attempts to shut them off. Keep in mind that if the power does go out, the dollar and your checking account will go as well, as they are all digital. Bitcoin sits in no worse position than they do with respect to power.

In addition, we need to determine what can be done to maintain some level of refrigeration to protect people’s food they already have. Solar and batteries could be solutions, such as how many batteries and solar panels would one require to run one refrigeration unit? Lights and air can be worked around, but food storage is a huge concern. The more we can stand alone, the more resilient we will be from outside stresses.

Step 12: Internet

The next big thing on the list is Internet access and support of the Bitcoin network. We need to form a group to research alternative methods for staying connected. These may be Internet access points through satellites powered by solar and battery strictly to maintain connections to the payment networks. Each business could purchase a backup satellite system that would enable them to maintain those payments, but we need a well-documented plan in place to deal with such a thing happening.

In addition to this, the other way a government can kill the Internet is not by turning it off but by turning off the DNS system which is used to tell our computers where other computers are on the Internet. There is currently a system in place called the TOR network that people need to become educated on to maintain connections. We also need to design and build platforms that run over this network for news and communication within the county, and the county should invest and operate an Access Point to aid in network speed and functionality. NOTE: Bitcoin already has the ability to run over this network.

As a side note: Any platforms created in the future should require full identification of individuals to participate on the network. One of the reasons our society has broken down as badly as it has is that people can say and do whatever they want without anyone knowing who they really are. This has brought out the worst in everyone and needs to stop if we are going to get back to a functional society in the future.

Step 13: Manufacturing

Everything the county needs should be sourced and built by citizens of the county or neighboring counties. These would include the core essentials to survive and should never be outsourced far from home. Nonessential items can be purchased wherever you like, but fresh food, meat, and materials needed to survive should be built or grown nearby. Areas not able to maintain good sources of essentials should find areas as close as possible to supply those needs, and the government should be entirely removed from the operation. They have proven that when given control over our production, they will abuse it, and we see no need to further the experiment. We’re all adults and can take care of ourselves. Let the free market weed out the bad players.

In addition to local manufacturing, we need to build plants to create things currently unavailable in the US. Without our consent, our government sent all of our manufacturing jobs overseas to hide that they’d already started destroying our money and economy. We have noted how to take back our currency and get it out of their hands, and we need to do the same thing with manufacturing. We need to figure out ways to build our own computers, which will involve figuring out novel ways to build simple things like resistors, capacitors, and everything in between. We need plants that can take in raw materials and output wire, chips, and other things we need to stay technologically in touch with the rest of the world. But by taking back those demands, we may even find ways to leapfrog the rest of the world, as we will have no governmental constraints to hold us back.

Step 14: Farming

Farming needs to be rethought and redesigned. Instead of having one large farm taking care of the entire nation’s needs, we should convert to smaller utility farms that can sustain a family and grow excess food that can then be sold to neighbors, restaurants, and grocery stores. This provides a means of income for families as well as teaching aids for kids and cheap businesses that can be started for the poorer in the community. Wealthier individuals and businesses can help kick-start these businesses. People can even use the products and goods they create to barter with each other, bypassing the monetary system completely.

Step 15: Meat

We need a good source of beef, pork, and chicken locally. Eggs and milk are other sources that could be grown. By allowing the free farming act, we’re adding to the ability for local people to have jobs and even start their own businesses in order to support the community. It should not be illegal for a farmer to sell directly to the public, and for all intense and purposes, the FDA should be outlawed in the county as they provide no function needed by anyone. They again have proven that any government agency will eventually serve nothing but themselves. It is also worth mentioning that no Federal Agencies have jurisdiction in the States anyway. Our inviting and allowing them to be here is causing the problem.

Step 16: Environment

Now we get to one of the more touchy subjects and one that we feel is a very important item to cover. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, tree huger or biker, we will all agree that we shouldn’t be doing things that destroy the environment. In most all cases, these things have been done by large corporations in order to chase the mighty dollar, and we should all recognize that there needs to be a limit on what is allowed. We should also acknowledge that corporations do not always have our well-being in mind when they get going.

We believe that perhaps the council idea can be expanded to allow citizens of a region to approve or disapprove of certain business activities. This keeps us in charge of what is around us and keeps the government out of control of industry. At the end of the day, our main goals in life are to have a nice safe place to live with food we want to eat and money enough to buy things we want. Having a cell phone that tracks our every move and makes huge corporations and their investors billions of dollars doesn’t really do much for our well-being or happiness.

We should also start canneries that take in farmers’ products and seals them for storage. We could even have businesses started that store these things, refrigerate them, etc. There are lots of things we can do to make money and provide jobs for those around us that don’t include computers, phones, and ipads. Another thing to remember is that Bitcoin or money won’t be constantly stolen from us by the government and bankers.

We should start looking at ways to reduce garbage by requiring each citizen and child to visit the local dump to see how much work and earth it takes to maintain our current living level. Most people have no idea what it takes to run a dump, and many more businesses could start dealing with different levels of garbage. With everyone involved in the issue, someone will come up with answers. Currently, only a select few are involved, and they get paid to deal with the trash, so they have no reason to curb its creation. Moving away from plastics and back to glass would make a massive dent in the level of trash we accumulate.

Step 17: Investment

We have gotten used to getting free money from banks to start our operations and bring new products to market. The problem with this, however, is nothing is free. Those banks require you to pay interest on the loans and sometimes to provide interest in your company. The banks, however, never had the money to give you in the first place. They literally push a button and poof it into existence and then take your real property as collateral against the fake money they gave you. If you don’t believe it is fake, then ask yourself why they are always stacking gold in their vaults instead of piles of cash.

Imagine an environment where local companies and people can present ideas on new products or services, and we can donate towards the idea to bring it to life. No complicated legislation or red tape. If people think they might like to have your product, then they can put money up to make it happen. Only the best ideas surface and the government is nowhere to be seen.

We need to meet and discuss ways to expedite these types of situations for local businesses and promote purchasing from them.

Step 18: HAM Radio

Children should be trained in HAM radio operations and participate in the nation’s communication network. HAM Radio offers much more than just talking over the air. It is the only method of communicating when the power goes out; it can go long distances without the need for infrastructure; it offers a massive gain in education by teaching electronics, radio waves, antennas, morse code, and much more. If kids grew up doing nothing more than this, they’d be ten times more intelligent than the kids coming out of school today and have useful skills for the future.

Step 19: Hemp and the War on Drugs

We’ve allowed our government to create a so-called “War on Drugs” with made-up propaganda that has amounted to massive fraud and governmental overreach. Before we get into the legal aspects of what they’ve done, we should ask ourselves if the War on Drugs has done anything for our country and our communities. It should be clear as day by now that this war has done nothing to solve the crises created by our government. For example, has anyone bothered to ask where Crack Cocaine comes from? It is cheaper than pure Cocaine yet takes expensive and time-consuming processes to create. Is our government involved in its creation in order to hook people on it?

In the name of this war they created, we’ve allowed the government to make illegal things that just make no sense whatsoever. They’ve conducted false experiments and told us all sorts of lies about one particular natural plant in order to keep it illegal. This has changed in the last few years but must be completely removed from the illegal list. This product is hemp or marijuana and is less dangerous to use than drinking beer. In fact, there are few examples of anything negative about smoking it, and the other aspects of having it completely removed from the illegal drugs list far outweigh any purported downsides. Here we’re going to focus on just one, but there are hundreds of other ways the plant can be used to help mankind that shouldn’t be ignored.

Hemp could be getting used to produce paper products that would completely eliminate the trees being cut down to make the current products. There are numerous other advantages to using this plant for this purpose, and we need to start an entire industry on growing and utilizing this easy-to-grow plant by removing ALL restrictions to doing so.

Here is a link that documents a few facts about growing it for paper production and why it would be a much better solution if our governments stopped trying to control our lives by deciding for themselves what they will allow us or not allow us to do. In a Constitutional County, we will not allow the Federal Dictatorship to decide what can and can’t be grown. Here is another link on producing paper with hemp.

Step 20: Freedom of Press

In our country, we have the first amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. However, we do not believe that this freedom should allow media outlets that we as a people depend upon for knowing what is going on around us to lie and create false narratives in order to control or manipulate us. We are 100% behind the freedom of the press and do not want any limiting powers on what they discuss or report. However, if a news outlet reports a false story that is later found to be false, they should be required to report their blunder equally in the same place and for the same amount of time in retraction. If they fail to do this, they will lose their “press” badge along with any ability to report on the news. Any future publications or shows must present the fact that they are a propaganda network front and center until they correct the problem.

We should encourage each county to have its own news agency, and it should be illegal for one person or company to own more than one news publication.

Step 19: