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The Flock System

Do you know that while we’ve been working and minding our business, your government officials have been conspiring with big business to create a tracking system they’re already installing all over the country? This system is presented as a way to catch Amber Alert criminals and to save the kids. Always with the kids!

Perhaps we should first ask if the Patriot act ever stopped terrorists or was it very quickly turned against us?

Without you being told, these cameras are already being installed on back country roads, which seems odd given the fact that most country people do a pretty good job of keeping up with their own kids. They popup without anyone knowing what they are and without anyone knowing where they are. Here are a few pictures of what they look like and we suggest you start paying attention as you navigate the roads around your homes.

Flock Camera on back country road

So the real question is why are they putting them out there and who exactly are they tracking? Check out the website of the company getting paid to track us all and again, ask yourself if this is really for the kids?

Flock Systems

What can we do?

In the past we’d have no recourse to get these things removed, however, in our Constitutional County we will demand that they be removed immediately. If the county representative that agreed to install them doesn’t act, we will call for a Constitutional Council formation and have them decide on the constitutionality of the cameras and make a final decision on the matter. NO ONE will be above a Constitutional Council decision and their word will be final in our county.

Again, we put ourselves in charge and quit letting these feeble sheep place laws and policies over our heads without a way for us to reverse them. Gather together people and lets make this happen!

See my video on the matter

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