Constitutional Council

We will be exploring the creation of a new council we hope to deploy across America to protect our families and our country from the corrupt elite that have been ruling over our lives for way too long. These councils will need to eventually be deployed above every seat of government to ensure we remain in control of our own lives.

It is impossible to consider fixing Washington DC in a time frame any of us would survive, and as such, we recognize the need for a better plan. Starting at the local level is our best and only hope for success, and for the remaining portion of this document, we will explore that plan.

We propose the formation of a randomly selected twelve-member council that will be assembled for the sole purpose of hearing cases of constitutional misconduct. In addition to raising a case against an official, citizens may also bring claims against an unconstitutional law they wish to prevent local officials from enforcing. These council formations will be responsible for hearing cases against any public office official, elected or not, that has been found to violate a citizen’s constitutional rights. There is no limit to whom may be brought before a council. If so ruled, politicians, judges, police, the sheriff may all be removed from office by a council. 

Council members will be randomly selected from a pool of qualified citizens that have volunteered and passed the required prerequisites and will serve for a single hearing. Hearings will be conducted in a public forum online, and all council members will remain anonymous during the trial. Any citizen wishing to view a hearing is allowed to do so online. Members of each council will be compensated for the time spent with a case. 

Any citizen may bring a case forward with one hundred or more signatures and documentation laying out the alleged violations. A qualified person must build claims to ensure proper documentation and procedures have been followed before forming a council. This person shall be compensated and must have passed the required prerequisites before serving in this role. Misconduct in this role will result in the total expense of the trial being paid by the person performing the work. An attempt to prequalify the claims should be made at this point to prevent unqualified cases from wasting a council’s time.

One of the person’s responsibilities mentioned above is to seek a remedy before calling a counsel together. For example, if an officer issues a citation to someone based on a law that says they must have a license to carry a firearm and it is pointed out that it violates the 2nd Amendment. When notified of the offense, that officer could elect to remove the charges, and no case need be filed.

Any citizen can serve on a council after passing a required constitutional test and being between the age of twenty-five and sixty-five. Council members will conduct all business online and, during deliberation, remain anonymous. This is to prevent undue pressure on other members that might influence decisions.

No case will involve any subject matter outside the scope of the constitution and bill of rights, and decisions shall only consist of reprimand or removal from office or position. Any judgment for reprimand will be marked against a person, and having three such judgments will be the same as a judgment for removal. In cases involving existing laws instead of people, decisions will be to disallow enforcement of said law or do nothing at all.

Unanimous votes are required to remove people from positions and two-thirds for a reprimand. In cases of law, a three-quarters vote is needed.   

A Constitutional Council should not be required in a properly functioning Republic. We hope that just the threat of its use will stop the unconstitutional behavior of our officials, judges, FBI, and others. 

All unconstitutional laws ruled on in a council decision will be published and ignored by the jurisdiction’s citizens. Their rights will be supported by the local law enforcement and court systems. For example, if it is determined that the Patriot Act is illegal, local law enforcement shall not use nor allow it to be used against their citizens.

Additional Thoughts:

We do not feel that an actual trial would be required as a council’s job is not to judge guilt but to determine the very basics of constitutionality. Things more complicated than that would end up with no determination or judgment. We also recognize that the Supreme Court was created to serve this role. However, like all other branches of government, they have become too focused on their own power instead of protecting our rights.

Our goal with the adoption of this council is to enable citizens to ignore unconstitutional laws. The system can only be fixed by controlling our local governments and growing this movement throughout the country until we are no longer faced with the globalists’ criminal laws and constant attacks against our sovereign rights as citizens of The United States of America.

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