When are we going to fight?

I sit and watch all the sheep going along with whatever is thrown at them and it is quite literally driving me mad. I read an article today where the IRS will be getting all transaction history of over $600 from all the banks and payment processors starting in 2023. This, in a word, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Are we just going to let them ignore our rights and take our property?

A constitution is only important if the people are going to demand the government abide by it. They have now ignored the first 10 of our rights and paid lip service to the thing even existing. Our grandparents and parents have allowed this to continue because life was comfortable and who wants to rock the boat? Even I sit here writing this blog, scared to go too far alone. But therein lies the problem.

The elite knows that we’ll never work together. They’ve conditioned us all to fight each other and ignore the elephant in the room. They’ve used psychology against us all and, by owning the media and big tech companies, created a monster that I’m afraid we’re being eaten by. How many of you back in the day thought Google spent their money to create google earth for us to use for free? How would it make you feel to find out that it was never Google that paid for that but your own government using our tax dollars?

We have quite literally been lied to about every single thing we experience. We have proof of past lies through freedom of information requests, and literal books have been written about all the exploitation and corruption that has played out over the years. They now control the politicians, the courts, the police, and the military of our country, and we’re all left here as individuals thinking, “I can’t do anything about it, might as well go along and keep my mouth shut.”

The real rub, though, is that we have all the power, and the elite knows it. They stay up at night thinking about that one scene where we realize that power and destroy everything they’ve built. In order to realize the power that we have, we have to break down the walls they’ve built around us. They’ve always controlled us through race, class, political status, and now through every type of sexual orientation, you can imagine. These walls are grand indeed and if you think not, try going to Twitter and having a conversation with someone on the other side. They’re all like zombies repeating the same lies told to them through the media, and no amount of education seems to break the spell.

If you’re going to fight someone, though, you need to know who they are in order to discover their weaknesses. That has been the real problem all along, though; these people are very good at hiding their existence, and only through a lot of work can you start to build a picture. But it is a picture you’re building, and you have to be very careful you don’t paint the wrong one. Include people in it that might not be involved, making your entire canvass turn into abstract art no one wants to buy.

Consider for a minute the Federal Reserve, which is actually a private bank owned by no one. Of course, it is owned by someone, but no one knows who they are. All we know is that the government appoints a spokesperson with each president to act like they control something, but in fact, they are nothing but puppets. But the real question is, is this bank legal? The short and long of it is absolutely not.

The Federal government has never had the power to outsource our money supply to a private company. They did this through trickery and illegal actions, and our ancestors never stopped them. They had tried this trick many times before, and it always ended in default since it was a Ponzi scheme, but this time they had another idea. To form a government agency that would collect income tax throughout the population in order to suck money back out of the system when they printed too much. It was quite brilliant and placed them in total control of our money supply. Then the government officials wouldn’t need to be smarter than a coke can, and the bankers could deal with the complexities of making it all work.

But is the I.R.S legal and constitutional? Absolutely not! Again, you have a constitution that is very clear that you have the protection of papers, property, and rights that the government under no circumstance can infringe upon. So exactly how would the I.R.S. force people to pay them taxes on their wages and to give up their personal information in the process? Well, of course, you’d have to start with something that appeared legal and then leave it in place while people think it is legit. How might you do this? First, the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. were created in 1913; what do you think happened in 1914? Wow, a handy war we like to call WWI, which allowed them to levy taxes to help pay for the war. Isn’t that convenient how that worked out?

To help with the process, though, in 1913, they also passed the 16th Amendment, which was never actually ratified by any state but was added by all for some reason. In other words, they created an amendment saying they have the right to tax “Income” but never actually defined what that was. They were sued over this, but the Supreme Court ruled that the new amendment didn’t give any new powers to the government and could therefore stand. It wasn’t important what it actually did, though; it was important to give the government the sense of being able to do it.

The simple truth though is that it was all illegal and unconstitutional, but we did nothing about it. We just paid our taxes that we were educated to believe we had to do and dealt with it. It gets much worse, though. Imagine a company set up by these bankers to “manage investments” that gets free money from this money machine that can then use the money to buy up companies and property without having to pay the funds back. They just use the taxpayers to suck that free money back out of the system, and they become the owners of everything for free. Am I making this up? Go to yahoo business and search for any company you want, anywhere in the world. Get the name of the top 5 investors, and you’ll see two names show up repeatedly. Blackrock and Vanguard Group. Search for BlackRock, and you’ll see Vanguard Group owns them. But no one knows who owns Vanguard Group. Strange?

So the entire scheme has been forced upon us like the mafia would a donut shop, and we’ve done nothing about it. They now literally own the country, and we’re all sitting here taking it and acting like we have no power over them. Normally I’d agree, as we need some way to pay each other, and with them having ownership of all of our money supply, it makes it quite hard to break loose. Yet, we have Bitcoin now, which we never had before, that gives us the ability to take ownership of our own funds and to have NO ONE be able to take them away from us. This is something we’ve never had before, and again, we’re not doing anything with it. We’re all sitting here waiting on the Federal Government to say it is ok. When constitutionally, we can start using it, and there is absolutely nothing legally they can do to stop it.

The government only has power over you if you allow them to. We have a Constitution, and the fact that our parents and grandparents allowed the Federal and State governments to trample all over it, doesn’t mean that we have to follow suit. It is time we break the chain and take back what has been ours the entire time. We have the power in numbers if only we could start talking to each other. It may be impossible, but for the kid’s sake, we have to try. I am not suited for being a slave… Are you?

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