Twitter Is Suicide

I chose to join Twitter for the first time to see what was going on there, and why someone was willing to spend $40 billion dollars for it. I’ve always been baffled by its success and why people use it. A messaging app that you can barely form a cohesive thought in before running out of letters. How on earth do people communicate here and why? At first, it looks like a way to share quick news snippets and maybe that is a good thing, except…

The entire experience has been toxic. I have been watching the fall of America and it depresses me. I have an 11-year-old boy that I would really like to have a good life, but watching outside I am fearful of what is coming. Twitter, however, has made me see better what is going on. I even participated in it for 2 days just to see what happened. What happened was nothing more than pure insanity and it boggles your mind to try to rationalize it.

There are people on both sides arguing totally opposite truths and putting each other down in the process. Elon Musk purchased Twitter with the supposed goal of giving us a town square to argue points, but after getting a taste of it I think it would be a better solution to burn the thing down. I don’t want to be hyperbolic though, so let me elaborate.

Firstly, the limit on the number of characters forces you to be direct and concise, something probably not best suited for discussing facts. I found that instead of being able to ask questions or have an actual conversation, I was instead forced to say things like: “Do you actually have a brain to say what you just said, or are you just trying to destroy America?”. The problem on the surface is the response was perfectly ok in response to the stupidity of the original comment, but it doesn’t provide a very good entry point if you’re trying to persuade someone of their errors. Instead, it just starts a fight from which you will never recover.

This just brings us to a bigger question though. We’ve all been brainwashed by the American Government and the News Media outlets for our entire lives. It is scientific fact that some of us are able to see through the misinformation and call a lie a lie and others are not. Some of us spend a good bit of our time researching things because they just don’t feel right. Others just believe whatever is told, because they’ve been brainwashed throughout their years in school to believe the authoritative figures in charge. Don’t think on your own because we’re much smarter and know more. We have access to the information you do not.

So before we begin to have a town square, we must admit that there is going to be a huge wall between facts and opinions that will never be broken down by having arguments and calling each other names. Imagine a political debate where you’re only allowed 30 seconds to respond to any claim, and the other person is just throwing insults. You’ll have to resort to snappy mean comments quickly because you’ll never get a point across otherwise. You’ll both end up looking like a Buffon and no one watching will be impressed with the display.

Artificial Intelligence is something everyone is so scared of, and evidently, it already exists, yet I have a pressing question for anyone that believes this. Anyone with at least half of a functioning brain knows that misinformation is a game used by the elites to keep us confused and off balance. Even those of us who pride ourselves on fishing out the real data are not dumb enough to believe we’re not being duped as well. During Covid, I woke up every single day thinking that maybe I was missing something. I would have to reevaluate my opinion daily just to make sure I wasn’t being misled. This is very difficult to do and requires a ton of logical and critical thinking as well as motivation. So the question is:

If “we” are to create something smarter than us, who feeds it the data to make it so, and how will it artificially create and use critical thinking to determine what information is real and what is not? Who exactly is the god that plans to educate this thing to make it know so much more than us? Look up any information on the Internet and learn something. Then look up the exact opposite term and you’ll be amazed at how many people are saying the exact opposite thing. Which is true? How will you ever know?

Ask yourself another question: In world history, what normally takes advantage of people and destroys their lives and freedoms? The answer is simple, Governments 100% of the time. They have never been trustworthy and have never been reliable sources of safety. They always fight for more power and control and eventually will fall in despair because the people they attempt to control eventually fight back. This has always been a ruthless cycle and even in a country as great as America, we’re watching it happen.

America is a one-time thing, never having been tried before, and will most likely never be allowed again. An attempt was made to make people the rulers of the government instead of the other way around. There were obvious mistakes made like not having term limits and making a court system our only hope of redemption. It is also painfully obvious that people with money took control of everything and nothing was done to stop it. But overall, the Constitution, as it was originally written, laid down a pretty solid foundation from which we could have built the perfect society.

Instead, we allowed the “Smarter” people to dictate how things would work and to circumvent our rights. We allowed them to create an education system to teach us that America was bad, Globalism was good, and to support the many illegal and unconstitutional agencies that it created in order to keep us safe. We allowed it to create a totally fake and unconstitutional money supply to make life easier. We allow them to elect the people of their choice through whatever means necessary and to pass unconstitutional laws to control us. We never fought back because they kept the majority of us too dumb to know what was fact or opinion.

Now we find ourselves in a situation that we need to immediately correct but don’t know how. We know there is a problem, we see it, we breathe it, and we participate in it. The elites have used our brains against us in order to get us addicted to arguing pointless facts and participating in pointless games. News organizations have for years lied to us about quite literally, everything. A point that causes A.I. a huge problem now as there is no way to separate fact from fiction.

In the end, we need to ask ourselves a question: What exactly are we doing here? Is our goal to participate in a system created by elites to control us? Or is it to live healthy and happy lives and to treat each other with respect? I would argue that food is the MOST important element in anyone’s life with shelter being next. We all have different skills and can use those to get what we need out of life. That brings us to how we get compensated for those skills and who controls that method of payment. Fake money someone prints off a printer can’t possibly be the solution to that issue, so what else is available? If there is a single company or government that benefits from the money directly, then it isn’t a good choice for payment.

In the same slot as money though is food. Allowing a government or company to control the food supply is suicide. We should all be working together to produce and sell food and to work together to make sure that it is successful. We need local markets instead of global food suppliers so that we can trust what we’re eating. We need to take back control of our lives and do the hard things instead of looking for others to do it for us. There are so many things that people can start learning and working on to make our country thrive again, but we have to stop fighting each other and instead focus that energy on the government.

In closing, Twitter to me is the most toxic environment anyone could ever have created for humans to communicate with. Sure it gives voice to billions, but is that really a good thing? It has purposely been designed to be addictive and destructive and we’ve all taken a bite of the apple. Unless we can somehow figure out a way to wake everyone up, I am fearful that it will be the downfall of civilization and exactly what the elites need to take total control of our lives.

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