The Flock System Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked briefly about the Flock system and which at the time was being touted as helping to catch people that kidnap kids. Now if you visit their site at www.flocksafety.com you’ll see that they’ve now gone full bore into the police state.

7/10 crimes are committed with the use of a vehicle.

Capture the vehicle details you need to track leads and solve crime. Flock Safety’s patented Vehicle Fingerprint™ technology lets you search by vehicle make, color, type, license plate, state of the license plate, missing plate, covered plate, paper plate, and unique vehicle details like roof racks, bumper stickers, and more.

The problem with their message as well as their capture of our travel history is that it should be illegal. Time has told us that any information collected for our protection are quickly subverted by our government for quite the opposite. Remember the Patriot act that was created to stop terrorism? To date it has not been used in a single capture of a terrorist, however, the government quickly realized that it could be used to control United States citizens and has even been used against sitting and future presidents. Are we going to continue to trust our government or is it time we start demanding these cameras come down?

To make matters worse, our government is using our tax dollars in order to fund a private company that in turn captures and stores our history forever and is then used by our government in order to track our movements. These cameras have even been found in Georgia on dirt roads with only a few homes on them. They’re quite literally going up all over the place now that no one has complained. It is time we start complaining and demanding the immediate removal of these tracking systems.

Don’t you find it interesting that they would name it the “Flock” system in order to track the movements of their flock?

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