Humanities Negatives

Before forming a perfect government, we must first understand and delve into why we need a government to begin with. We all recognize that the government should have minimal powers over our lives, but where is that line, and how do you keep it under control moving into the future? In this post, we’re going to list the reasons we need a government in the first place, and in future posts, we’re going to start listing out how a government would protect us against the things listed here.

People Lie

Throughout history and in your own lives, you know that almost every person you’ve interacted with has lied to you about something. In some cases, they’ve lied to cover up something they did of a personal nature to make themselves look better. In other cases, they’ve lied to manipulate someone else to gain some advantage over them. Scammers use this technique to get you to send them money.

This category also covers manipulating people through false stories, misinformation, false historical records, false stories spread through word of mouth or online, and anything specifically designed to manipulate and control people through false information.

People Cheat

When rules are laid down for us to follow, people will always manipulate or bypass those rules to get an advantage over everyone else. A perfect example of this would be a politician who knows a piece of currently useless land will be very valuable in the future, so they buy it.

People Kill

No matter how much we all know that killing another person is evil, it happens every day. The best government and rule system in the universe will never stop this from happening.

People Drink and Do Drugs

No matter the rules, there will always be people participating in drug usage. Outlawing this will make no difference, as the problem usually worsens exponentially.

People Steal

No matter the rules outlined in society, there will always be people that would rather take others’ property than work for their own.

Stronger People Will Take Advantage Of The Weaker

This goes in the form of intelligence as well as physical strength. It even propagates across the country’s borders to their neighbors. We recognize that this category fits into the stealing category above, but we felt it was unique enough to have its own section. While this is a form of theft because the stronger person, group, or country takes from the weaker, it is theft at a much higher level.

People Are Easily Manipulated And Controlled

No matter how well we attempt to educate everyone, 90% of the human race is easily manipulated and controlled through misleading information.

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