Societies Problems

In the last post, we noted the problems with the human race that will have to be dealt with at some level. In this post, we’ll note Society’s problems in dealing with those traits and other problems that need to be solved. NOTE: This page is a constant work in progress and will be modified as we identify issues.


One of the primary things that will need to be dealt with is how to produce and store food in society. We require farmers more than any other commodity to survive. This recognition should always be front and center if the society is to survive long term. Local counties should always be self-sufficient and the support of external entities should be considered to support the overall safety and health of the country.

Food safety is another concern but should never be placed above production. People in the county will cull farms that produce low-quality food by no longer using them. A focus on capitalistic processes should always be relied on above government intervention.


To purchase the food required to survive and thrive, society will require a legal tender that is safe, easily transferred, portable, and protected. People will need to be paid in this tender, and there should be no way for the government or external forces to manipulate it, causing it to be devalued. Our constitution allows our government to mint coins for this purpose, but we also have other methods, such as bitcoin, that could and should be utilized. The primary goal of this currency, however, is not to be printed out of thin blue air. It should always be 100% backed by gold or silver to protect the country’s citizens.

No currency system that requires the government or a private company to manage the supply should be accepted. It is critical that citizens can depend on the value of their money not changing over time due to manipulation. If a bank, for example, wishes to loan money to someone, that money should exist and have been earned by the bank or individual doing the lending.

Interest on loans should not be allowed. Persons wishing to secure their money by buying a property on which others will pay is what should drive progression.

Manufacturing and Business

Businesses should be treated as secondary citizens and not allowed to participate in the county, state, or federal governments independently. A business should never be allowed to own more property than it is using, and no foreign country should be allowed to purchase property or businesses within the United States. They can surely do business here if they like, but a citizen would be required to own the utilized property and then provide a lease for operations.

No business can violate a citizen’s constitutional rights under any circumstance. No business can cooperate with any government without a court order.

Manufacturing local products should be stressed over global slave labor. Products proven to be built by slaves or underpaid persons from other countries should have local tariffs put in place to stabilize locally produced over foreign ones.

We are currently lacking the ability to manufacture anything in the United States due to the blatant disregard of their duties by our Federal and State governments. We have to take back those roles immediately before our nation falls due to a lack of resources from outside forces. The corrupt Federal government attempted globalization, and it failed. It is time to take back those operations and make our own quality goods.


Any news agency recognized as such in the United States can never work directly with the government to manipulate the public. Any false information published in a newspaper, online, or any other form, must receive equal publication time and location denouncing the original story. Any news agency not performing this duty should be fined equally for the damage said story did or could have caused. Proceeds from these cases should be placed into a public service fund used for charity and always auditable.


Any government will have to have a legal system to hear cases between citizens and governments. No matter how much we dream of a perfect godly society, one will never exist. The problem with courts, however, is that they can be manipulated. We’ve all seen courts refuse to hear legitimate cases to prevent people from bringing to light a specific problem, and we’ve watched them fraudulently rule against someone with no recourse but to pay more attorneys and appeal to a higher court.

It is tough to manage all situations a court might work itself into. Still, we need a method by which we can remove any political representative that refuses to execute their duties properly. One such idea would be a constitutional council that can be called to review cases before it and make simple rulings. If a judge, for example, violates a constitutional law, then they are reprimanded. Three such reprimands and they are booted from their position.

There also needs to be a very simple, cheap process for bringing any law that violates our constitutional rights before a court. We should not be required to spend millions of dollars to demand our rights.


An organized military at a Federal level will need to be maintained to protect the states from invasion. It should not be organized to fight wars in other countries or prop up other parts of the world. The military should not ever be allowed to operate on US Soil unless other nations are actively attacking us.

State and County militia training with standard rules and processes countrywide should be maintained and supported at all times. These militias will always be a local deterrent and will be voluntary. No militia will ever be sent outside of the United States. These militias can be called upon to help against organized crime.

Organized Crime

Like the Federal Mafia, which we call the Federal Government, organized crime will always attempt to survive using force and power. There will have to be a force with equal power to remove these elements from society altogether. We can not have a police state with more power than the citizens, and the constitutional councils should handle them becoming as corrupt as the criminals they are built to remove.


There should be no government-run education system. Education should start with critical thinking skills front and center. There is no reason to subject kids to courses that do nothing but fill time during the day. The goal of any education system should be to teach kids to think for themselves and to do the things they love to do. We need people from all walks of life, and forcing everyone to go through a cookie-cutter system is about as dumb as anything we’ve seen and accomplishes nothing more than teaching kids that education sucks.

A focus on homeschooling or localized training must be followed with a common skill-based approach shared across counties and states through a free website. Licensed professionals should not be required to educate kids. Plenty of uneducated people are performing jobs and creating products that no educated person knows how to do.


It is currently impossible for someone wishing to take a political position without obtaining a massive amount of donor support. This support always seems to come with strings and is controlled by the powerful elite to ensure “their people” get into office. We need to devise a process where anyone wishing to serve can do so.

One possible method would be for people to place their names in a hat for a position, having met whatever requirements the job may require. A random selection of those candidates would be performed first to select the top 3. No political class, such as Democrat or Republican, will be considered at this phase.

Each candidate will be allowed free of charge equal airtime and print space leading up to the election. At least three mandatory debates will be set up, and each candidate must show up.

Voting will be held for three days only, and no mail-in ballots will be allowed except for military or people serving in government roles outside the US. Those ballots will only be counted if the election is close enough to warrant it. All voting will be done via manual paper ballots, and no electronic devices will be used for counting except to display the final results.

There will be a mandatory recount of all election results before anyone takes office. All counting will be videotaped at each station to record the goings on, and these videos will be available for the public to watch at request. Counting must be completed within 24 hours of the final election day.

While this will not wholly weed out corruption in the election process, it will get us closer than ever.


No matter how diligent we are at setting up a perfect government, there will always be people based on our negative human traits chart that will try to cheat the system. We need inexpensive and quick remedies to these exploits that can tighten up the holes without going through years and years of debate. The current problems we have are due to a legal system that is so complicated and expensive that citizens can no longer use it. It requires someone with massive amounts of time and money to navigate and fix the problems we have.

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